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In a perfect world, we'd have unlimited funds to spend on your event, but reality often imposes budget constraints. You must start from the end and work your way back and that means start at the contract negotiations phase if you are utilizing a hotel as a venue. However, the good news is that your budget doesn't have to limit your event's success. Discover the top strategies to save on your event AV contract without compromising on quality.

  • Maximize Equipment Rental Duration:

  • Learn how the duration of equipment rental can impact your costs.

  • Negotiate discounts based on the length of your rental period to optimize savings.

  • Know Your Equipment:

  • Understand the differences and costs associated with AV equipment from various providers.

  • Utilize resources like Projector Central to make informed decisions on equipment selection.

  • Understand Your Cost Structure:

  • Be clear on whether your AV contract bills by hours or days.

  • Define the length of a day or specify daily hours to avoid unexpected costs.

  • Be Specific in Your Requests:

  • Dive into the details of the contract to maximize savings.

  • Review systems, house costs, and shipping expenses to tailor the contract to your needs.

  • Equipment Insurance:

  • Recognize the importance of equipment insurance to mitigate unexpected costs.

  • Explore liability insurance options to protect against unforeseen incidents during the event.

  • Implement a "Want vs. Need" Process:

  • Establish a clear process for last-minute equipment requests.

  • Ensure that requests are approved by the event planner to prevent surprise costs.

Living within a budget doesn't have to limit the success of your event. By following these strategic tips, you can navigate your event AV contract effectively, making the most of your resources without compromising on quality.

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